This is our Art of W.A.R. (We Are Readers)

We aim to bring together and represent engaged readers everywhere, and to act as a facilitator for all that reading might be and readers might do in the world.


Some of the things we will be doing, and which you can help us with, include:

  • Celebrating readers and all that we already do in the world through Reading Lives. If you know an interesting reader, or would like to be interviewed for this, do get in touch.
  • Developing a national reading programme and festival curated by readers for readers.
  • Building vibrant communities of exchange between readers and writers, supporting and developing open dialogue and purposeful collaboration between the two.
  • Exploring how book festivals can be launchpads for social agency and public benefit. The Collaborators will be a meeting place for readers to gather with people already making a difference in their communities, share and develop ideas, and formulate plans of action.
  • Creating a FairRead charter (think Fairtrade for books) that will see readers taking the lead in creating a book industry that is fairer and more sustainable for everyone.
  • Delivering workshops and reading parties around the UK.