We’re travelling the UK, interviewing readers and non-readers about their lives, the act of reading, and the books that shape them. We then produce reader stories to showcase and celebrate the act of reading.

We’ve worked with Edinburgh International Book Festival, the Brave New Reads Readers’ Circle across East Anglia, and will shortly be working with Staffordshire Prison Library Service.

If you are a reader, we’d love to come and interview you. If you work with readers, we’d love to work with you to celebrate them.

‘I’m interested in being the best reader that I can be. And I think that role in society is undervalued.’
cathy rentzenbrink round
‘I wonder whether reading makes us feel loved and respected? You do slightly feel the characters are opening up to you personally. In that way reading is a luxurious gift to the soul.’
Lucy Yates round
‘I love being alive, I don’t want to escape from it. But reading enhances life. Reading enriches it.’
‘Reading is sexy. Reading is disco. I love it.’
Ann Browne round
‘If you can read you can do almost anything. You’ve got a source of lifelong pleasure and enjoyment. You’ve got intellectual thought. And you’ve got a life skill. It’s the best thing.’
Bianca Winter round
‘The meeting point between reader and those words on the page; there is no way to predict what is going to happen next.’