The Reading Agency is right – everything changes when we read: personally, socially, globally.

Did you know that decreasing torture and other human rights abuses (including slavery) in the 18th century has been attributed in part to an explosion in reading?

Or that studies increasingly suggest that reading for pleasure is a better measure of academic and life success than your socio-economic background or the education level of your parents?

We encourage reading broadly. That’s when we meet people we might not otherwise meet, think thoughts we’ve not had before, discover new ways of living our lives in this world. That’s where readers begin to change ourselves, and could change the world.

We’re keen to explore how readers might shape bold, adventurous and transformative reading for everyone. And how that reading might start to change the world.

In Reading Lives you can read the stories of readers – the books that have made them, what reading has meant in their lives, and how they are already changing the world.

And if you’re looking for great and varied things to read, why not check out Brave New Reads, the reading programme helping develop bold, confident, and adventurous reading where it all started for us.